Maraetai Sunrise

Posted on 6 April 2014

I have known about Meetup for a while now. I had never thought of using it but when we came to New Zealand I signed up for an account, my motive was to join some photography groups and find shooting locations based on where meetups were being held. It was never my intention to get on one myself until I saw a meetup being organised at Maraetai beach. Not only was this down the road from me so I could make the early morning time but I was motivated by a failed sunrise shoot the previous morning. Little did I know I would enjoy the company of fellow photographers, I am sure that this meetup will be the beginning of many more.

I arrived as the sky was starting to warm up and was intrigued by the leading lines of the wharf and the colours of the sky and the water. I setup for this shot and hardly moved throughout the meetup. This was a 5 exposure blend with the exposure 2 stops apart. 

Maraetai is a popular beach for Aucklanders, who flock here for a swim in the summer months while taking in the stunning views. Located on Auckland's east coast, it boasts an incredible location on the Pohutukawa Coast.  Maraetai means ‘meeting place by the sea’ in Māori.

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