Muriwai Beach

Posted on 10 April 2014

One thing I find really striking about New Zealand's land and seascapes is how dramatic the scenery changes sometimes within a very short distance. One moment you are driving down a road with rolling hills, the next you encounter this amazing seascape that just stuns you.

Muriwai is a beach on Auckland's west coast that seems to go on forever. It doesn't quite go forever but about 50km. The rough waves draw surfers and other adrenaline junkies to play on the black iron rich sands. Although I am none of the above, Muriwai is one of my favourite beaches around Auckland, the fact that its only 42km north west of Auckland city probably means there will be more images of this amazing location in the future.

This image is a 5 frame panorama taken from the northern of the two viewing points looking north. Muriwai beach stretches northwards on the right and the Tasman Sea in the left.

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