Sky Tower

Before moving to New Zealand, the one structure that I associated most with this country was probably the Sky Tower. The Sky Tower dominates the Auckland skyline and rightly so, at a height of 328m it is the tallest free standing structure in the southern hemisphere. Completed in 1997 the Sky Tower has become the centre of a complex that includes a casino and restaurants. Thrill seekers can enjoy the 192m "Sky Jump".

The morning I shot this photo I had no intention of shooting the Sky Tower, as a result of poor research I had found the gate to the park I wanted to photograph still locked. This is my first attempt at shooting a "vertorama",  a vertical panorama. This one is made of five frames and each frame is composed of five bracketed shots spaced 2 stops apart.

ISO:100 | 1/8 sec @ f:29 | 5 brackets [-4, -2, 0, +2, +4] |40mm | tripod

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