Cardboard Cathedral

Posted on 5 June 2014

The destruction that came in the aftermath of the February 2011 earthquakes in Christchurch even now is hard to fathom. One of the most significant casualties is the cathedral located in the centre of the city, which is now unusable and has been barricaded.

Out of that catastrophic event Christchurch commissioned the construction of what is now known as the Cardboard Cathedral. Constructed mostly out of 0.61m diameter cardboard tubes the building stands 21m high and is located a short walk from the site of the original cathedral.Opened to the public on 6 August 2013, the cathedral is now the temporary home of the congregation that previously met in the old cathedral. 

As most churches will not allow photography using a tripod, I decided it would be polite to ask for permission, the staff gladly let me use my tripod for the interior picture. 

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