All Souls Church, Clevedon

Posted on 5 May 2014

All Souls Church is an Anglican Church in the village of Clevedon just south of Auckland. The church was completed in 1861 and is steeped in history. Much of that original structure still stands to this day and a vibrant congregation still meets there.

I paid a visit to this church early in the year intending to photograph the exterior. As I always do I peered through the window and was stunned by what I saw. I gathered up the courage to knock at the Vicar's door and this culminated in a great conversation besides going out of her way to open the church so I could photograph it. When I got home I realised the the exterior shots were not as good as I would have liked so decided to go back again, today's photo is a result of that second visit.

This image is a 6 shot panorama, each shot is bracketed 2 stops apart and post processed with Photoshop, Lightroom and Nik Plugins.

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