Muriwai Cliffs

For a while now I have been wanting to add a wide angle lens to the my kit. I finally managed to get the new Canon 10-18mm lens, it was worth the wait, the new lens is a fantastic lens the price is pretty good too.

Getting the lens is one thing getting to know how to use it is another. One thing that a wide angle does is exaggerate foreground elements and makes the background look small. This image from Muriwai is a classic example, I quite like the effect. 

Muriwai is an amazing location. This rock protrudes into the ocean and is a popular spot for fishermen although it can be a dangerous place especially during high tide. 

Auckland always surprises me with the cityscapes it offers. I found this spot a while ago, my first attempt at shooting at this location turned out rather mediocre if I am honest with myself. That picture will probably never leave my computer hard drive. 

An attribute that is required for any landscape/cityscape photographer is persistence. possessing the patience to repeatedly go back to a spot to get the shot is something every photographer needs to have. 

On Auckland's waterfront there is walkway that has got to be a magnet to any photographer. I shot this as the sun was setting from the level below the top. There are more images to be taken around the area and I will be sure to go back again and again.

Just a reminder prints of all our images are available for purchase on our website.

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Muriwai Panorama

Muriwai is one of those magical places where no matter where I point the camera there seems to be a fabulous image waiting to be taken. It has become one of my favourite places to photograph around Auckland, it wont take much to convince me to make the 1 hour drive from our house to the famous black sand surfers beach. If you visit Auckland and have a day to kill I think a day at Muriwai would be time well spent. The weather didn't disappoint last weekend, the warm day culminated with a gorgeous sunset.

I have shot this location before, the image I got last time was shot before I fell in love with the panoramic format. I had always wanted to go back to the same location and shoot a sweeping panorama, the image in this weeks post is a result of that. I must say I much prefer the panorama to the previous image which you can see here.

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Puhoi River

If you ever get to drive north from Auckland on State Highway 1, as you exit the tunnels a detour you absolutely must take is at the small village of Puhoi. Drive past the village  for about 5 minutes and you will find a cheese factory, the ice cream they make there is worth the detour, probably the best ice cream I have ever tatsted. If you have time, another reason for the detour is to hire and kayak and paddle down the Puhoi River. I haven't done it yet but the picture of the river just makes me want to do it.

This image was shot while taking the detour to avoid paying toll. Just as we left State Highway 1 heading towards Orewa we stopped and captured this panorama. I like it but I think this is probably one of Tsitsi's favourite images, a prime candidate to be printed and hung in our study I think.

We are expecting some really nice weather this weekend and I am looking forward to shooting a lot of photographs at one of my favourite spots to shoot in Auckland. Hope you have a great weekend wherever you are reading these words from. Blessings.

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Spring has arrived!! Last weekend was simply gorgeous, it's goodbye to those dreary cold rainy days and we welcome the warm sunny long days of spring. After a glorious few days the weatherman had bad news for us for the coming weekend, we are grateful to have enjoyed the time in the sun when we had the chance, I even managed to put in nine holes of golf after work this week.

The Auckland Boat show was happening in town last weekend, I didn't know it but I had made up my mind to get a shot of the city from this location. We arrived just as the show was coming to a close. I took up my position and started shooting away. After being in the location form more than an hour the security peoples' two way radios went into a frenzy with talk of a photographer who was in an area closed to the public. Before I knew it a big burly man approached and rather politely told me I shouldn't be there and should leave, given his size I hastily gathered my stuff and went on my merry way. They say as a photographer you are worth your weight in gold if you haven't been asked to leave a location by security. I guess I have now earned my wings.

There are so many photos to be taken around Wynyard Quarter, judging from the number of images I have from around there it is becoming one of my favourite photography locations.The gazebo in the lower right is a remnant of the boat show, I kept it because it seemed to add to the image. I will definitely be back, hopefully this time with the benefit of not being accosted away.

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Wellington Boat Sheds

Posted on 25 September 2014

It seems that any community in New Zealand will have a marina, the people's love for the water is hard to miss. The statistics regarding boats per household in Auckland are well documented, I wonder what the statistic is for the whole country. I am sure this will not be the last marina image I will take.

The boat sheds in Wellington have been photographed so much they are almost cliche. I wanted to capture them as a panorama because I wanted to include the boats on the water, the sheds and also Saint Gerard's church in the background. 

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Posted on 20 September 2014

I spent all of last week working in Wellington, on my previous visits I had been attempting to shoot a wide cityscape of Wellington with little success. On my last evening I shot what even I consider an insane image.

The panorama is 28 frames wide and because each frame is a 5 image bracket when you do the math you find the images is composed of a gobsmacking 140 images! If that is not insane then I don't know what is. The best way to view the detail is to view the original size and zoom in, I was astounded by how much detail I could see.

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Posted on 30 August 2014

About an hour from central Auckland is the small community of Waiuku, a few minutes drive west of Waiuku is Kariotahi beach. The west coast is rugged and rough, the sea is violent. On the cliffs at Kariotahi beach is this sandstone formation that the wind has carved out of the landscape. I discovered this place on Google Earth and decided to go and check it out. I really wished that the waterfall in the distance had a bit more water.

Getting up to the location is quite a hike and requires some fitness. I climbed halfway up the cliff and turned back. A local farmer saw me and encouraged me to keep going and even volunteered to show me the way up. I did not regret getting up there. There was so much to photograph up there that I am sure I will find myself there again soon.


Posted 27 August 2014

I am proud to have had an article about my photography published in "Altitude" the company magazine for Airways people.

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The Beehive

Posted on 17 August 2014

The Executive wing of New Zealand's parliament is housed in the building affectionately known as the Beehive. Just by looking at it one can understand why the nickname. The building was opened in 1977 by Queen Elizabeth II.

I was in Wellington for work and took some time after work to photograph the building. The storm clouds gathering from the left hand side had put me off but I think in the end they helped to add some drama to the image. By the time I got done the clouds had almost covered the city and the winds had picked up needless to say the walk to the hotel was not a pleasant one.

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City of Sails

Posted on 14 August 2014

Auckland is know affectionately as the "City of Sails" I think the statistic is that something like one in every three households owns a boat. Now for a city the size of Auckland that is quite a large number of boats. This picture shows Westhaven Marina in the foreground and the city in the background.

I had gone out to shoot light trails but as always I start shooting way before the light fades, most of the time this is to make sure I have all my settings right and that I am happy with my composition. Tsitsi and I loved this shot so much that we are going to print this on canvas and this one will probably find its way onto one of the living room walls.

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Posted on 13 July 2014

Stillwater is a small community on Auckland's north shore on the banks of the Weiti River. The day had been dull and dreary all morning so I wasn't expecting anything good with regards to photography, but as the day wore on the light began to change. I had been to this spot around mid afternoon and it looked nothing like this. After the light changed I couldn't resist going back for one more try before driving back home. I don't regret making that decision.

I edited this shot twice, my first attempt was over sharpened and I really didn't like the look of it. As you may have noted if you follow my work, Panoramics are becoming my format of choice, this one is 7 frames across and each frame is composed of 5 bracketed shots 2 stops apart, ISO 100 at f/16.

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The Coat Hanger

Posted on 3 July 2014

The plan had been to drive across the bridge and spend the evening shooting at this location but when my best laid plans went awry I thought I would drive to the other side and see what the bridge looked like from the other side. I wasn't disappointed, in fact I prefer this view than what I had originally planned to go and shoot. 

The Auckland Harbour bridge was completed in 1959 carrying four lanes of traffic on State Highway 1. The bridge is 1020m long and now carries 8 lanes of traffic thanks to the addition of the "Nippon Clip Ons" that were added in 1969. For a fee you can do the Auckland Bridge Climb and if you are up for that sort of thing you can even bungy off the bridge.

The two images were taken a few minutes apart as the sun set behind me. I posted both because I cannot choose between them but if I had to I would probably choose the evening one. I am curious to know which one you like better leave a comment of let me know on you preferred social media platform.

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Pot of Gold

Posted on 29 June 2014

A big part of being able to get the image is just showing up. I had been planning to get across the Harbour Bridge to shoot the sunset and then do long exposures after the sun went down. As I left home I saw some dark clouds gathering to the west of the city, not wanting to waste fuel and time, I almost turned back. I arrived to clear skies but that was short lived as another storm came through.

As the storm passed a huge rainbow spanned the sky over the city, knowing there was no way I could capture the whole thing I decided to go for this shot. It has always been said that at the end of a rainbow is a pot of gold well I now know where to go looking.

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Southern Alps

Posted on 14 June 2014

The Southern Alps is a mountain range that extends almost the entire length of the South Island. Snow from the peaks, the highest of these being Aoraki/Mount Cook at 3,754m, form glaciers that drain into a multitude of pristine lakes. This photo was shot on the shore of Lake Tekapo. 

The wind was blowing from the mountains on the day and I recall it as a freezing cold day but for the love of photography I persevered. The image is made of six stitched shots to form this panorama.

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