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Mobile : +64 21 182 0799

Email : nkavumbura@gmail.com

I caught the photography bug in high school when I started borrowing my Dad's Olympus OM10 film camera and used it to take pictures of my schoolmates. I used the earnings I made from selling the prints to supplement my pocket money. I am not sure I knew what I was doing back then but the pictures turned out decent. 

Now, my motivation to pick up the camera is to capture the beauty that surrounds me. I also wanted to give the gift of professional quality photos to my family that they could keep forever. I also want to give that same gift to anyone else. I love to capture memories and doing it with a camera just gives me so much joy.

Originally from Harare, Zimbabwe, I have lived in Thailand and Malaysia. I currently live in Auckland, New Zealand with my wife Tsitsi and our two beautiful daughters. I am an engineer by day and enjoy photography in my spare time. My first love is landscape photography but of late I am passionate about photographing people.

I hope you enjoy my work, if so leave a comment on any of the social media sites linked here or send me an email.

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